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Sunrise Chemical was started in 2010 with the focus to develop chemicals and chemical delivery systems that would improve horizontal well drill outs and work-overs. In 2015 Sunrise Chemicals was purchased by UCO Energy to advance the technology in chemical delivery and optimization and has done so through our new line of Coil Tubing Automated Delivery Systems (ADS). Our basic product line is a fully automated hydration unit which can be operated by one person using a touch screen display/(HMI). The HMI interface allows the operator to adjust all chemical rates on the fly, as well as control volume and viscosity of gel sweeps with a touch of the screen, all valves are air actuated and tanks have fluid level sensors to ensure accurate volume and safety. Our units have been proven in the Fayetteville Shale and DJ Basin to save the operator significant chemical volumes (upwards of 60% is not uncommon) as well as reduce the time to drill out plugs. Sunrise Chemical was started in 2010 with the focus to develop chemicals and chemical delivery systems that would improve horizontal well drill outs and work-overs.

In current operations chemicals are often dumped via 5 gal buckets directly into the CT tubs and sent down hole. This leaves very little time for mixing and hydration time, as well as giving a very imprecise dosage of the needed chemical for the operation. This is something that has all but been eliminated in fracturing operations, but has seemed to persist in CT operations. Our goal is to both give the proper amount of chemical via liquid add pumps, in-line viscometers, and flow meters. It also has two on-board mixing tubs to ensure the chemical is fully mixed and hydrated prior to being sent down the coil. These systems combine to give a more precise, economical chemical system at a reduced price for the operator.

Sunrise Chemicals has continued to improve on the existing technology. Our newest hydration unit has all of the above plus a data acquisition system where we are capturing the CT pump rate, pump pressure, pipe light and pipe heavy from the Coil Cat system as well as a pressure transducer on the flow back manifold, and real time data monitoring system that can be viewed anywhere there is internet access. We believe with this expanded data package further optimization of coil tubing drill outs will be made.

Our low overhead and automated system have allowed us to stay extremely competitive with our prices and will gladly share upon request.




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The team


President and Owner of Sunrise Chemical LLC.

Stuart Allen

Including the following subsidiaries UCO Energy Exploration, UCO Energy Services, and Sunrise Chemicals LLC.

Stuart Allen previously worked with Southwestern Energy as one of their lead completion engineers in the development of the Fayetteville Shale, Arkansas.  He also helped with the optimization and development of SWN’s Marcellus Shale position and multiple exploration projects within the company.  His expertise and innovations led to part of the success SWN is developing today.  Stuart is a graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Petroleum Engineering.



Chemical Engineer & Chemical Manager

Mike Mulligan

Mike Mulligan has a strong influence on innovation at Sunrise Chemicals, LLC. Mike previously worked with Halliburton Energy Services as a field engineer in the DJ Basin, preparing hydraulic fracturing designs for various fluid systems along with analyzing the systems stability for downhole conditions and optimal fracture growth. Prior to Halliburton, Mike worked with Department of Transportation, enforcing oil & gas pipeline safety and regulations, and with Bureau of Reclamation as an electrical engineer, optimizing hydropower plant operation. Mike is a graduate from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  

Contact Info:

Cell: 303-229-8485



Petroleum Engineer & HSE Coordinator

Daniel Bolton

Graduating from Colorado School of Mines in 2015, Daniel started his career in the oil and gas industry as a field engineer with Halliburton Energy Services. He performed hydraulic stimulation treatments in the Rocky Mountain Region including the Bakken, Pinedale Anticline, and DJ Basin. He brings a foundational field experience background as it applies to engineering at Sunrise Chemicals. In addition to engineering and field operations, Daniel ensures Sunrise Chemicals continues to be a leader in employee safety and ecological protection. 

Contact Info:

Cell: 303-594-0102




Carey Dilbeck

Over 40 years working in the industry with a wide range of experience ranging from completions and workovers to product line manager in the chemical business. Worked over 25 years for Amoco/BP, the last five years of which he was over their deliquification and well optimization in the Arkoma District. During that time his team was able to cut BP’s decline rate by 50% on their base production through innovative methods which have since been implemented in many areas throughout North America. Carey traveled to most areas in North American Gas with BP working with operations teams in the US and Canada. The right application of chemicals was a large part of the success achieved and Carey believes in helping each of our customers achieve that same kind of success.  



Rocky Mountain Regional Manager

Hunter Stokes

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Cell: 970-373-8526




John Boozy

Contact Info:

Cell: 501-581-9272